Privacy Policy

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Discovering the best pizza comes with a promise – your privacy matters. Our privacy policy ensures that your personal information remains confidential, only collected for essential purposes. Here's what you need to know

  • Why We Collect Information

    We request information crucial for delivering top-notch services. Be assured, your data is never shared unless legally mandated or vital for our business development and rights protection.

  • Using Our Website

    Agreeing to our terms and conditions is the first step to savoring our offerings. While we strive for accuracy on our site, we aren’t liable for any damages due to inaccuracies, missing information, or performance issues. Please note that third-party content on our site doesn’t imply endorsement

  • Tracking for Better Experiences

    Embrace an improved online journey! Our website utilizes third-party tracking libraries, including Google Analytics. This assists us in understanding user behavior, ensuring a seamless experience. Importantly, this tracking data is anonymous and never linked to your personal information.

Indulge in a pizza adventure at South Main Pizzeria, where your privacy is as important as the flavors we serve!